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After being taken advantage of by another music transcriber, I sure was glad to find you. Other than being honest you are really great at transcribing music. The song you did for me was perfect.  I am looking forward to having you help me out again in the near future.

L. Allen

by the way it really is great and both music files loaded  I think the slower one will help me out alot.  thanks for doing that one for me.


Hello Rick,

I can't thank you enough! It reads and sounds unbelievably beautiful! You have my utmost respect and admiration. I can't wait to work with you again.

Many, many thanks.



Your transcriptions are accurate.
I've found other transcriptions (and transcription services) on the web that are off rhythmically here and there... I'm tempted to send you some transcriptions I've received from other people and correct the mistakes in their work...

...thanks for the free transcription!!! JH


We performed [the piece] on Monday for our last concert. IT WAS GREAT!!!!!
I want to thank you so much for putting that together for us.


 Hi Rick,

Thank you for the transcription and the slow mp3... thanks for the great job, Sir! I will stay in touch and contact you again for new transcriptions.
Hope all is well.

Kind regards,

It's super!! I love it!

I've wanted to play that piece for years, and now I can. I just sent you a tip for the fine work... once again, your transcription is just super!! Thanks a bunch.

 Hi Rick,

I'm so impressed - that's just marvelous!  Why couldn't I do that?
I just hope that transcribing these pieces gives you as much pleasure as I have in receiving them!

Thanks again,


You did a great job on these transcriptions, its been a pleasure doing business with you.

hi rick,
another great transcription! thank you so much for all your efforts. i am blown away by your ability to recognize the subtlest musical nuances. i also appreciate how professional and timely you are in your business transactions. again, thank you. i'm sure i'll keep on bothering you in the future!
take care.

Rick - You nailed the transcription !! Thanks for the great job ! You are really good at it.

Rick - It looks perfect as usual. And thanks for the corrections too.  YOU DA MAN !!  JH

Dear Rick,
Thank you very much for this transcription.   There are many nice phrases, but it is not easy for me to copy, so this transcription really helps me.  This will be one of my treasure. Thanks again.

Excellent job, Rick!  

Rick - You are the man !! Great transcriptions !! It would of taken me months to do one of these, and it still would of been wrong. I can't wait to start practicing. Thanks so much, and have a great week ! JH"Just had a large playout (about 300 people!) and went well – thanks in large part to your transcriptions!  Thanks.


Rick, I don't know what to say - it is absolutely fantastic :D Thank you sooooo much! I love everything about it, the arrangement, the music, the vocals.


Thank you very much!!!! It was great help!!


Thanks for going the extra mile (extra 100 miles actually) ...  It will take me a while to learn the whole thing but I'm looking forward it.


My heartfelt graditude for your kind words and feedback - Rick