Rick's Music Service

Where your music gets the attention it deserves


Is your ensemble or orchestra in need of fresh content or new songs?
Do you need additional scores or parts?

Rick offers custom compositions and quality accompaniment tracks for your musicians/choir.

Do you need a recording of your music or accompanying scores for live performances?
Do you need additional instruments to enhance your existing original tracks?
Do you have bits of music worth developing?

Contact Rick for further information and suggestions regarding the type of event,
mood, setting, style, length and tempo of your desired music.

Ever thought of commissioning an original composition to give as a timeless gift?

Allow Rick to create an original piece of music exclusively suited for weddings, birthdays, festivals, etc.

Examples of some of Rick's Original Compositions: 


Original compositions are priced according to your specifications and complexity.
Your free initial estimate will include the cost of a preliminary consultation, an initial draft and midi file (if requested) and up to three re-writes. 


E-mail a detailed explanation of your desired project. Rick will email you with any questions or suggestions, a free estimate, and the required deposit to begin the composition.

Rick will then develop and e-mail the initial draft and offer ideas and suggestions for up to three re-writes. Once the composition is agreed upon, Rick will use sampled or real instruments (priced separately) for the final recording depending on the size of your project, your preferences and/or budget. If you choose to commission real instruments, Rick will also arrange the scores and parts for the live performers to read for the performance recording.


Rick can be commissioned to record a project according to your needs or budget.


  • Pay with your credit card via paypal.
  • E-Checks take up to 2 weeks and must be cleared first.
  • Send your paypal payment to rickhefner@gmail.com ("recipient address").