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Private Lessons

Instrumental Instruction offered for Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet and Mandolin. Also available, Jazz Improvisation for any instrument.

Rick brings over 30 years of experience to the private lesson in a fun, relaxed yet professional style. The lessons are taught in a safe, closely monitored environment where students and parents can be comfortable. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their progress at the end of each semester. 


Rates are $20 per weekly half-hour lesson.

Learning to play a musical instrument is an enjoyable way to develop self-esteem, responsibility and discipline. It provides a much needed outlet for creativity.

Private instruction provides the proper information, motivation, mentorship and structure students need to develop a passion for their instrument and to excel in the art of music.

Let's face it, learning a new instrument can be very intimidating. The first saxophone, for example, is totally alien to the student. "So many buttons and gadgets, where do I put my fingers?" Add the challenge of learning to read music - no wonder many students give up within the first year of taking beginner band.

School band programs do an excellent job in getting students started, but with so many students in one class, they simply can't develop that 'one-on-one' time needed to address individual questions and challenges.

I remember the many questions I had when I started playing sax. Questions like: "What is this thing supposed to sound like? Why can't I get this note out?" Even though the student's instrument may be new, it might not necessarily be in good playing condition which can limit the student's progress and cause much frustration. How would the student know if the problem was actually in the instrument?

It wasn't until my first private lesson that I discovered my instrument's flaws which prevented it from performing properly. Also, the instructor pointed out several bad playing habits that I had to unlearn in order to master the proper techniques. A dedicated professional instructor can teach the proper playing techniques and detect potential problems with a student's instrument.

Contact Rick at rickhefner@gmail.com for more info or to sign up for lessons.


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